This teacher-mentor based access to training shows aspiring singing teachers how to acquire the basic skills needed to start teaching safely and with confidence. The course offers unique hands-on guidance to people who want to teach singing well, and is in two parts:

  • introductory Access Day (£80)
  • Mentoring Programme and Follow-up Day (£195).

For members or non-members having difficulty finding the resources to cover fees, the Eileen Price bursary can cover the cost of the Pathways Course  – Access Day, Mentoring Programme, and Follow-up Day.

Access Day

Before the Access Day you will be asked to complete a questionnaire giving a picture of your journey so far which will help us to understand your particular strengths and needs.

The Access Day introduces the new teacher to the members of the AOTOS Teacher Training Team, who build up a picture of the needs of each individual teacher through a combination of group activities and individual interviews. You will need to bring two copies of a song that you will sing during your individual interview.

At this stage there is no obligation to continue with the Pathways programme if it is not currently right for you.

Our Access Days are usually in January and June and in different parts of the UK.

See below for dates for Access Days


Cost: £80 (including lunch)

Mentoring Programme and Follow-up Day

Once you have attended an Access Day, you can join our Mentoring Programme.

For these teacher–mentor sessions, each participant is paired with an experienced AOTOS mentor. Through six regular sessions, usually around 30 minutes each and usually online, a course of study and development is tailored to your individual needs. You can arrange the dates in collaboration with your AOTOS mentor.

Sessions may include:

  • lesson content
  • problem-solving from lessons taught
  • repertoire
  • basic technique
  • general advice on personal development skills (such as singing lessons or keyboard skills)
  • lesson observations.

The Mentoring Programme ends with a Follow-up Day. This is an interactive group day, with the emphasis on shared teaching, specific exercises and learning techniques. You will also plan your future development with your mentor, and with the teacher training team.

Our Follow-up Day is usually in London in late October.

Cost: £195

Discounted AOTOS membership

We will also ask you to become an AOTOS member and when you book your place on the  Mentoring Programme we offer a heavily discounted rate of £10. Membership gives you access to our programme of conferences and development days, which we strongly recommend that you use as part of your training.

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  • To pay by debit card, credit card or PayPal, click on the date you want and fill in the form; you’ll then be taken to the PayPal site to complete payment (you don’t need a PayPal account).
  • To pay by cheque or bank transfer, click on the date you want, fill in the form and click Submit; then email for our bank details and the address to send cheques to.
  • For those who are experiencing difficulty in finding sufficient resources to cover fees, the Eileen Price Bursary covers the cost of the Pathways Course (Access Day, Mentoring Programme, Follow-up Day), not including travel and accommodation expenses.

Find out more

To discuss your needs or decide which course will suit you best, contact our Training Director, Margaret Aronson: