Welcome to Eurovox 2020 Online

The dates were booked – 24-26 July 2020; the venue was set – Stewart's Melville College, Edinburgh.

The presenters were chosen, the singers were selected, the programme was packed and the social activities were coming into focus. Accommodation was booked, logos designed, the website was built, the booking form was open, the numbers were increasing, excitement was rising ... and then without warning, or so it seemed ... the Coronavirus hit us all.

Who could have seen that happening? And now people everywhere are focused on trying to prove that, yes, the world can sing together again.

We are so sorry that Eurovox 2020 did not take place but we thank all the presenters who had agreed to come and give masterclasses, lectures, papers, recitals and workshops. We are very grateful to some of these friends across the globe who have given us a snippet of what would have happened at Eurovox 2020. In the midst of lockdown, we lost our dear friend and colleague, Paul Deegan. In his memory, we have released an audio recording of his presentation on Goethe's poem 'Kennst du das Land', which was given at the AOTOS summer conference in 2015.

We trust that you will enjoy dipping into these presentations at your leisure, and we hope that at some point, we will meet again.

Heidi Pegler (AOTOS Chair); Janice V. Thompson (Conference Director) and the Eurovox sub-committee

Eurovox logos close cropped

Programme of Events

We are pleased to share these nine presentations, recorded especially for our (unexpectedly) online Eurovox programme. We are making them available for free for anyone to enjoy for the rest of the summer as well as exclusive live events with some of our speakers.

Catching up

Don't worry if you have missed any live events, you can catch up below:

Click here to watch the Q&A with Karen Brunssen and Allen Henderson: the password is ?^kks845
Click here to watch the Q&A with soprano and musicologist Patricia Caicedo on YouTube

Click here for more information about all the presenters and their work

We hope you enjoy Eurovox 2020 Online! (You can also find all the videos on the Eurovox 2020 Online playlist on our YouTube channel here.)

The Evolving Singing Voice: Changes across the Life Span

Karen Brunssen (NATS President – USA)

How Do I Actually Teach? Discerning Method with the Kaleidoscope of Vocal Methods

Barbara Hoos de Jokisch (Germany)

Thoughts on Singing in English – Which English?

Norma Enns (Canada and Germany)

Latin American and Iberian art song repertoire in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese

Patricia Caicedo (Spain)

Minding the Gap – Strategies for Managing Register Change in Upper Voices

Suzanne Chadwick (Ireland)

The Grieving Singer

S. Rebeqa Rivers (USA)

Vocal Pedagogy for All

Allen Henderson (USA)

Varying Vowels and SOVTs: Does it make a difference?

John Nix (USA)

Yiddish Folksong

John Yaffé (UK)

Thistle midres

Kennst du das Land

As tribute to the late Paul Deegan we are pleased to share this recording of his presentation on Goethe's poem 'Kennst du das Land' from the 2015 AOTOS summer conference.