Friday 22nd July

2pm Registration and tea

3.30pm AOTOS Chairman Welcome and introductions

4pm Dr Ron Morris Current concerns in holistic voice production keynote speech from one of our leading practitioners

5pm David Howard The vocal tract organ: tuning considerations in a capella choral singing

6.30pm Bar opens

7pm Supper

7.45pm Liza Hobbs English as she is sung: the perils of singing in the mother tongue

8.45pm Serenade to Music: sing Vaughan Williams’ setting of Shakespeare’s words – bring your own copy or borrow one

Saturday 23rd July

9am Kristen Linklater Good morning voice, wake up!

10am Outi Kähkönen, EVTA President Network and exchange, lifelong learning for singing teachers: where does EVTA fit into the AOTOS picture?

11am Coffee

11.30am Ron Morris Do as I do: care of our own singing voices

1pm Lunch

2pm Jenevora Williams What do I really mean, and how can I say that? The language we use in the studio

3pm Language seminars from the exam repertoire

  • Room 1 IPA and Italian Heidi Pegler and Nicky-Jane Kemp: Repertoire from their volumes The Language of Song
  • Room 2 German Mary Mogil: Brahms’ Vergebliches Ständchen French Darquise Bilodeau: Fauré’s Aurore
  • Room 3 Spanish Marian Bryfdir: Una Palomita Blanca arr Rodrigo and Welsh Elwyn-Edwards’ Dylluan Deg

We shall sing all these together at the end of the day.

4.30pm Tea

5pm Jonathan Dove ‘Songs and Arias’: the composer speaks Peters have produced a volume of his music for voice; he talks about writing for voices, and working with singers as they sing his music.

6.30pm Bar opens

7pm Supper

8pm Forum with Ron Morris, Outi Kähkönen, Kristin Linklater, Jonathan Dove, chaired by the AOTOS Chairman Give the Chairman your questions for discussion beforehand.

9pm Revisiting learning: we will sing the language seminar songs

Sunday 24th July

9am Kristin Linklater Voice: the human instrument

10am Outi Kähkönen Bel Canto to Belting: how classical training can adapt to teaching different genres when working with young singers

11am Coffee

11.30am AGM

12.30pm Area and Pod meetings

1pm Lunch

2pm Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher: ‘Vocal Process’ in action Singers of any musical genre are invited to take part. Working with the singers, Gillyanne and Jeremy will demonstrate a process for effective coaching, marrying the technical and performance aspects of singing for the individual voice. They will share their thought processes as they make decisions about the voice, the music and the singers’ energy.

3.30pm Tea

4pm End of conference