AOTOS National Conferences


Teaching singers to get the best from the voice is a skill which demands years of careful and dedicated work. AOTOS conference programmes offer unique benefits.

  • Insight into different approaches from some of the most distinguished teachers of singing worldwide
  • Understanding the demands of the profession
  • Presentations by international teachers, artists and voice specialists of all kinds
  • Meeting colleagues from all over the world
  • Discovering opportunities to develop your career
  • Spring and Autumn one-day conferences and/or local Area Events
  • Summer three-day residential conference

Conferences also provide a very valuable opportunity – especially for new and less experienced teachers – to share ideas and experiences, and to encourage each other. Indeed one of the original raisons d’être of AOTOS when it was founded by Dr W.H. Swinburne in 1975 was to address the problem of lack of communication between singing teachers. He is quoted as having said: “Why do instrumentalists talk about their techniques, and singers have their own methods, never discussing anything?”. We hope that over the years AOTOS has helped in some way to dispel this attitude.

At our conferences we listen to talks from very learned people in our professions. We also have the opportunity to bring our own difficulties and questions, and to seek comments on these from our colleagues either in open forum, or simply by just chatting amongst ourselves in the extended meal breaks, and – in the case of the summer conference – in the evenings, often in the bar