Responding to our ‘Moving Forward’ survey from AOTOS members this summer, we are delighted to announce a series of live online webinars and Zoom chat sessions – all of which are FREE to AOTOS members until the end of this year.

Live webinars will be open to all, but recordings of the sessions (apart from the 'Perform Study') will be available to AOTOS members only in the ‘Members Resources' area of our website after the live events. AOTOS Zoom chat sessions and any recordings are also only available to AOTOS members in the 'Members Resources' area (please see details on each information page).

Please use the short booking form to register for a live Zoom chat.  The link to the live webinars will be made available on the relevant page two days before the event, but you will also be able to register to receive the link by email).

Enormous thanks to all our presenters who have offered their services without charge to our charity. Please click here for details of our new ‘Covid 19 Bursary Fund’ if you wish to donate.

Thursday 17 September – 7.00-8.00pm
National Live Webinar – Free (open to all)

'Singing, aerosols and COVID – what does the PERFORM study tell us?'

A live presentation followed by Q&A with:

Nicholas Gibbins (University Hospital, Lewisham)
Declan Costello (Wrexham Park Hospital, Berkshire)
Natalie Watson (Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust)

Covid has disrupted almost every profession, but the world of music-making has been particularly hard hit.  In this session, we are delighted to welcome three of the UK’s leading laryngologists currently spear-heading major UK studies into this topic, who will discuss the background to the Covid singing restrictions, the PERFORM study, which has examined aerosol generation by singers, and the implications for government guidelines.

Click here to view the recording of this session on our YouTube channel

You can read the PERFORM study here and click here to view Declan Costello's presentation 'Singing – where do we go from here?' which contains all the links he mentioned in the session.

Saturday 10 October – 5.00-6.15pm
National Live Webinar – Free (open to all)

'The 'Hero's Journey' through song'

A live presentation followed by Q&A with:

Scott Harrison (Lecturer of Singing and Musical Theatre at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Trinity Laban Conservatoire)

Working with two professional level Musical Theatre singers (Michael Ahomka-Lindsay and Lydia White) in a short masterclass, Scott Harrison explores 'The Hero's Journey' through song.  The ideas of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung pervade every character driven story, film, play, opera, musical, and pop song.  How can we utilise these to approach every aspect of singing (technique, text, drama, physicality) in these different genres?  Whatever age or genre of singing, Scott aims to give simple and easy concepts to empower teachers and singers from all methodologies to understand and connect to a song more easily and intuitively, at any level of their training or career.

The recording of this session is available for AOTOS members to view here

Monday 19 October
AOTOS zoom chat (members only)

'Buddy' Teaching Session

A pre-recorded presentation with:

Carrie Simone Birmingham and Rob Lines

An opportunity to observe two AOTOS member teachers working in pop and musical theatre styles with an intermediate-advanced (aged 16+) musical theatre performer in a 'spontaneous' way.  The session will include a warm-up, performance from the singer and coaching from both teachers, followed by the singer’s own summary.  The session will be observed live by 6 AOTOS members from the North Area who will then discuss the session after the singer has left the group.

The recording of this session is available for AOTOS members to view here

Thursday 19 November – 7.00–8.00pm
AOTOS zoom chat (members only)

'Warming up a choir or individual – what should we be 'warming up'?'

A live presentation followed by Q&A with:

Wilma MacDougall (Lecturer in Vocal Studies, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)

Fun and accessible warm-ups whether online or in-person. Useful ideas to take away with video demonstrations and online resource material. The main focus will be on the positive impact good posture and efficient breath control have on singing, with some technical ideas to help improve legato line and clear articulation.