Area Representative: Edwin Pitt Mansfield

I’m absolutely delighted to have been elected your area rep. With an enormous area to cover, ranging from the Isle of Wight to Norfolk, I will not promise to meet you all in your home town. However, I hope we will meet up at a conference or development day!

I feel I know a lot of the South East well as I grew up in Brighton, lived for ten years in South East London and have settled in Hertfordshire (for the time being!). As your area rep it is my aim to put on a main development day in the spring, and to back this up with several smaller events towards the fringes; hopefully leaving nobody out! I would welcome any development ideas that you think will work and will try to organise an event nearer your part of our area.

In our area we have all types of teachers with a variety of expertise; so the more we can come together, formally or informally, to exchange views, difficulties and successes the better. It is my aim to make our events informative, useful to your teaching practice and a chance to network with other teachers. The Pod coordinators will aid in this, so do make use of us all. We want our organisation to be thriving and relevant to our continued professional practice.

Do contact me with anything you feel I may be able to help with. Please do let me know about any Pod meetings you have and I look forward to seeing some of you at our next conference if not a local event or development day.

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May 2018: Moving on – techniques for music theatre singing in the 21st century with Gillyanne Kayes

May 2017: Perfect and perform workshop and masterclass with Mary King

May 2016: Teaching singing to young voices with Jenevora Williams

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May 2014: Development Day in Winchester with Ann-Marie Speed

March 2014: Masterclass at Clare College, Cambridge with Joan Rodgers CBE

May 2013: Development Day in Winchester with Mary King

February 2013|: Masterclass at Clare College, Cambridge with Roderick Williams

September 2012: Open Auditions day with Nicholas Sears (RCM) and Wendy Gadian (Central)

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