AOTOS Area Events

For many members, travelling to London or Birmingham for one-day conferences, or committing to attendance at the three-day summer conference, is out of the question for all kinds of reasons. AOTOS has therefore in recent years been encouraging the development of regional Area Events.

The four areas – North, Central, South East and South West – are each represented on Council by an Area Representative.  These Area Representatives, with assistance from other AOTOS members, have been arranging some excellent events, most often in the form of a whole day workshop or masterclass, led by such people as Gillyanne Kayes, Ron Morris, Linda Hutchison, Mary King, Jenevora Williams, Anne-Marie Speed, Janice Chapman, Roderick Williams, Ann Murray and Michael Chance.  Such events also allow members occasionally to give performing opportunities to some of their students. Click on the links to find out more about what is going on in your area.

Area Representatives are always pleased to be in touch with members in their areas, and will welcome you and your guests at Area Events.


Pods are smaller and more local groups, most with a co-ordinator who has volunteered to co-ordinate events. These might include running a student concert with colleagues, making contact with and perhaps offering vocal help to your local choirs or primary school teachers, or just getting together with other members to swap repertoire ideas or warm ups and exercises. Every member has a pod: you will find yours in the Members’ Handbook. New members are allocated a pod and introduced to their pod’s co-ordinator.