The AOTOS Council

The AOTOS Council exists to manage the affairs of the association, both organisationally and financially. They usually meet four times a year. The Council are all volunteers.

Any member of AOTOS is eligible for election to Council. New faces, and a willingness to put something back into the Association through service on Council, are always welcomed! Elections of Council members take place at the Annual General Meeting held each year during the Summer Conference.

The Council consists of:

  • the Officers of the Association – Chair, Chair Elect, Past Chair, Secretary, Conference Director, Training Director, Communications Director and Editor
  • Area Representatives – one each for the North, Central, South East and South West areas; one for Overseas; two Councillors At Large; and an EVTA representative. Area Representatives and Councillors At Large serve for a fixed term.

(Until 2016, we also had a Membership Secretary, but their duties have now been transferred to the Administrator.)

Councillors are always pleased to hear from members of any concerns or ideas that they may have, and which they feel should be brought to the attention of Council. You will find councillors’ details at the front of your Members’ Handbook.

Find out the names of the current officers.