About Us

The Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS) was founded in 1975 to promote a wider understanding of all aspects of the teaching of singing. We create opportunities which bring together teachers from all over the world. All AOTOS activities and services are open to members specializing in teaching any expression of song: from classical, through music theatre and folk, to jazz, rock and gospel, either privately or in school, college, university or conservatoire.

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AOTOS has a wide membership, and therefore provides a vital forum for singing teachers in the broadest sense.


AOTOS is an association specifically concerned with the needs and demands of all professionals involved in the training of the singing voice. Through AOTOS we make our voices heard, keep in contact with our fellow teachers, and broaden our horizons by exchanging ideas and experience.


AOTOS is a practical minded organization which is not afraid to provoke thought, and whose aim is to help each of us to be a better teacher.


evtaAOTOS is a member of the European Voice Teachers Association

AOTOS is also a member association of the International Congress of Voice Teachers